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Anonymous asked: What is it about Blaine you like so much. He clearly has a boyfriend...

He has a cheating girlfriend. Let’s make that clear. Also, he’s incredibly sexy, adorable, and has a dream voice. Not to mention a dream ass.

About to sit down to finish work…

I need to get grades up if my parents are going to pay for tuition next year… Despite that, I’m in an unusually, somewhat nauseatingly, good mood. Ask me anything, I really won’t bite (for today, at least)

Anonymous asked: FMK kurt blaine jeff

Hmmm. Well, if I killed Kurt, I could fuck OR marry Blaine, but I don’t feel like making Blaine pissy right now. Especially since the old married couple is having issues. Thank god. I’d probably try to fuck Blaine and Jeff. No clue about Kurt. And no marriage, I’m not one for commitment. 

Hungover as fuck…

Ugh. I’m logging off in a second to down some Advil and pass out. Leave me something to come back to, hopefully when I don’t feel like shit. 

Anonymous asked: you are so fucking hot ... how

I’m not entirely sure. I don’t try very hard, it just comes naturally. Good genes. 

Anonymous asked: are mommy and daddy paying for your coffee order?

Fuck you,anon. Don’t talk down to me about my parents, or anyone else in my family for that matter. Now fuck off.

Caffeine run…

I’ve had a tiring day of classes and it’s Thirsty Thursday, so I have to keep my energy up for a loooong night. Leave me something to come back to.